Value Proposition Canvas

Alex Osterwalder and team introduced the Value Proposition Canvas in their book Value Proposition Design

On the right side of the Value Proposition Canvas is the Customer Profile which provides a structured approach to understanding the targeted customer segment and their thought process in purchasing a certain type of product or service. This profile is developed entirely from the customer’s perspective using their language and based on their values and perspectives. The Customer Profile begins with the Customer Jobs section which describes what customers are trying to get done in their work and/or non-work lives. The Gains section describes the specific benefits they hope to receive and the outcomes they hope to achieve through those Jobs. The Pains section captures the risks, obstacles, and bad outcomes that make it hard to achieve the Gains when doing the Jobs.

The left side (the Value Map) corresponds to the Customer Profile, but starts with the list of Products and Services being offered to help customers do their Jobs. The Pain Relievers section describes how the Products and Services (and how they are delivered) specifically work to reduce the Pains, and the Gain Creators section similarly describes how they specifically work to deliver the hoped for Gains for the customer.

Tools for creating a Value Proposition Canvas coming soon!

Watch a tutorial here on how to use the Value Proposition Canvas.